• Mike Malinowski

Bulbot - Toying with 2D Rigs

I am a huge fan of styles such Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Limbo. I love the sharp blacks and interesting shapes!

Whilst these clips are quite old now (Softimage 6.5 I believe!) I have always had the desire to pick them back up - therefore maybe I'll be able to update these videos at some point in the near future.

These are small experiments with rigging and animating (though I can never claim to be an animator!) in 3d for a 2d output with maximum elasticity.

This video is playing with insertion posing for one of the 'creatures'.

This one was toying with how the 'creature' might locomote.

Finally, this was playing with personality of the smaller 'creatures' and experimenting with how they might move.

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